Quais o benefícios e como funciona o Yoga?  Quase todas as técnicas do Yoga fazem aumentar a vitalidade e o bem-estar. As técnicas são intensas e no final de uma aula vai  sentir-se com mais energia e vontade de fazer mais.

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3 notáveis benefícios de alongar

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Good shape. The ASANA regulates weight by stimulating the thyroid gland, oxygenates the brain with the inverted positions, increases body awareness, coordination and muscle stretching which will help in elite sports.

KRIYÁS, they promote the internal hygiene of the mucous of the stomach, intestines, maxillary sinus, bronchi, the conjunctiva, etc. Among others, helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and reduction of the abdominal perimeter, improves the functioning of the digestive system, excretory…

PRANAYAMA provide an extra share of energy, increases lung capacity, control the emotions and stress. Better Breathing equals more oxygen to the muscles which corresponds to an added endurance.

The STRESS, to manage it, Yoga does not merely provide relaxation. Much more important is to increase the practitioner’s energy so that his full potential can go up and address the challenge from top to bottom.

MEDITATION, is one of the most powerful tools in Yoga, which consists on clearing the mind of thoughts. The purpose is to achieve a state of self-knowledge or heightened awareness. The result, is a better life quality. Contributing to high performance in their work or personal level, in any sport, dance or martial arts.